Basic pattern bodice with clip

In this new tutorial we will see how to draw the basic bodice pattern with pliers. You will then be able to use this template

  • to sew a tunic as you see on the picture if attached to modify it and create the basic pattern for a woman’s dress.

The method I teach you in this Pattern Making Course applies from size 32 to 52 with ease.

To take this free model making course, start by watching the 3 video tutorials first. You will download the summary sheet in Pdf which is provided with it. Then use the step-by-step instructions to draw your basic pattern.

The complete FREE tutorial is available on our online sewing and pattern making course platform.

tuto complet avec videos, pas a pas et pdf

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This pattern sewing course is part of our series of lessons for beginners. If you want to make a basic bodice without a pinch, to sew for example a t-shirt, a turtleneck, a knitted or lycra or lace undershirt, I recommend these 2 tutorials:

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